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24 Nov 2017

Benefits of Managed Services and Why should you opt for a Managed Service Provider?

In this blog, we will discuss

  • What managed services are?
  • Capabilities offered by different MSP’s
  • The benefits of moving to Managed services


So what are Managed Services? Managed services are those specific IT operations that are offloaded to a service provider who known as Managed Services Provider (MSP). These service providers take the answerability of managing, monitoring, or problem resolution for certain IT systems and functions upon their shoulders. These MSP’s provide a plethora of services such as security, patch management, data backup, recovery, and alerts among various others for different client devices. Handing over the authority of infrastructure management to a skillfully managed service provider gives the organization an opportunity to concentrate on managing their business, with less interruption due to IT related issues.

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13 Nov 2017

Is now the time to rethink your database strategy?

Traditionally, data management for an organization has been following a very distinct system. Data is produced from the transactions systems, then managed and stores within relational database management systems. After which the reports were made and delivered to key business decision makers. This kind of systems worked well for enterprises for several years but in this uncertain business environment where the demand for IT services and data insights have increased and this reliable system is being challenged constantly.



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10 Nov 2017

Evolution of Infrastructure Management Services

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In the earlier days, the IT infrastructure of a particular client was handled entirely on client premises. But as IT operations have evolved and have started supporting different business needs, this model has not been capable in terms of scalability and cost-effectiveness.

With the arrival of Remote Infrastructure Management in the last decade, there has been a transformation in the field of technology for organizations as now they have an advantage in cost through resources augmentation approach. Over a period of time, there have been innovations that have been made in the field of technology and their technological processes which in turn have led to the advancement of end – to – end infrastructure solutions who in fact have acted as a strategic enabler for CIO’s and have offered more benefits than just cost arbitrage. These infrastructure solutions deliver higher turnaround time, availability & efficiency with a compelling value proposition.

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