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09 Nov 2017


Despite huge progress has been made in the field of technology and there has been a tremendous advancement in infrastructure robustness, many organizations still face the deadly issue of database, hardware and software downtime which can last short periods of time or can go to long periods too resulting in shutting down of business. Despite mounting to statistics and making extensive strategies that predict and touch nearly every situation whether related to major enterprise software, vendor, and customer, from ERP to CRM and various others, just bringing up the topic of outages still terrifies those in the industry.


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01 Aug 2017

Cloud computing & its Deployment models

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Cloud computing services can be of three type’s private, public or hybrid.

Private cloud services are those services that can be delivered from a business’s data center to internal users. It offers the adaptability and accessibility of the cloud while retaining its management, control, and security to local data centers and being common for all. Internal users may or may not be billed for services through IT chargeback. Common private cloud technologies and its vendors include VMware and OpenStack.

In the public cloud model, a third-party cloud service provider is chosen who delivers the cloud services over the internet. These services are sold on demand, typically by a minute or by an hour, even though there are long-term commitments available for many services. Organizations pay for the CPU cycles, storage or bandwidth they consume in a particular timeframe.Leading public cloud service providers are Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, IBM and Google Cloud Platform.

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