29 Jan

Does Cloud Storage make your business More Vulnerable to Hacking?



Many businesses have now started to become more adaptive for the usage of cloud-based solutions to store the data be it primarily or as a backup option. This often makes the data more vulnerable to hacking and hackers always wait for this opportunity to take advantage by taking over critical and financial data wherever they can find. No of high profile attacks on the cloud that have happened in the recent years have not helped the case. In this article we will try to examine the reasons why businesses have started to use cloud-based options, what are the issues that have made cloud storage more vulnerable and how can we make cloud storage secure for the future. Since there has been a growth in internet penetration and data packs are now more affordable it has led to business being more consumers focused. Anyone can order anything online and consumers are now more comfortable in making financial transactions online. They expect convenience and ease in making financial transactions and are offended if they are not provided with such facilities.

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Results of this technological boom have made more and more businesses embrace the cloud to store their crucial data. But, sometimes they don’t get the idea of the repercussions of using such methods of storing the consumer data. While there is no doubt in saying that the cloud has led to new frontiers in terms of storage, flexibility, access, and productivity. It has also opened the doors for a new world of security concerns as hackers and other malicious parties have the ability and the venue to steal valuable data. Therefore we can rightfully state that it is very vital for businesses to make sure that all the crucial data is safe and secure.


This might not be the case all the time. There have been reports that state that many businesses often neglect to implement a rigid IT security plan with the right amount of security-related practices and procedures. This might be because they might want to avoid spending huge amount of money and think that it might not be necessary for them.



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The Risks

Let’s discuss some of the risks that are involved in transferring your crucial data to the cloud.

  • Data privacy and security —If the organization decides to transfer its data on the cloud using cloud service providers there is a transfer of a considerable amount of organizations control over the data security to the service provider. Before taking such steps they need to make sure that the service provider understands your data privacy and security needs.


  • Data availability and business continuity —Business continuity is a major risk for the organization if it decides to move its operations to the cloud and if there is a loss of internet connectivity then makes the business more vulnerable. This might lead to disruption in the day to day operations of the organization along with the seizure of the data-hosting server by law enforcement agencies


  • Record retention requirements —Before making full commitments to a particular cloud service provider you need to make sure that you communicate what kind of requirements do you have from them beforehand. It is essential that you make sure that your provider understands your record retention requirements so that they can easily meet them.


  • Disaster recovery —when you decide on hosting your organization’s crucial data, it makes the cloud providers disaster recovery plan equally important to your company’s data recovery plan. Hence before making a final decision, you need to make sure that the cloud service provider’s recovery plans are tried and tested according to your expectations.



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It appears that hackers primarily target those businesses that are well established and settled.

Hence you can say that online security needs to be the optimal priority for the businesses and companies whether the big or small need to be up to date with all of their security software. They need to make sure that they have rigid fixes, patches and robust security measures for all of their confidential or sensitive information. Many organizations might grumble as they might need to make a lot of changes in their business operations to make sure that their consumer data is safe and secure but we can all agree that this is a major necessity for them

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