There are several enterprises that employ cloud services every year, but cyber criminals have also not fallen behind. Each and every day, they find new ways to infiltrate your systems to harm you and your business. Hence, it has become important to build or identify a right strategy that strengthens your cloud system against threats and malware. Thinking, what will be the best solution? You’ve no need to worry; Micra Clouds is having all solutions for your cloud system security problems.

How Can Micra Clouds Help You?

We understand that for all the cloud hosting service providers, security access is a fundamental part of the solution. Therefore, we offer a robust a robust security management as a service, which helps business with cloud compliance management along with the security advice based on the industry’s best practice.

Our solutions impeccably combine risk-based intelligence along with behavioral algorithms, big data analytics and a real-time executive dashboard for delivering a bottoms-up and top-down view of enterprise risk and security condition. We put our managed security solutions at the core of everything we do.

Why Micra Clouds?

We offer a managed security platform that not only accelerates and simplified threat detection but also provides incident response and compliance management for your on-premise clouds. We have also delivered support for several brands such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure Cloud etc. Our comprehensive solutions to manage security across public and private cloud infrastructure make us favorite of our clients.

Advantages of Micra Cloud’s Security Management Services

Detection of Threats:

We not just help you to adjust your cloud security for preventing possible cyber attacks but also detect, monitor and respond to and reduce the impact caused by the attacks.

With our services, you can anywhere rapidly deploy the software sensors natively into all the virtual and cloud environments while managing data collection, data analysis, and detecting threats to offer you completely secured environment.

Vulnerability Assessment

We perform fast and accurate actions that detect vulnerabilities, which can slip between the cracks and impact your brand revenue generation, reputation and shareholder values. Our attentive assessments of your cloud applications data along with the system identify the vulnerabilities and provide the best solutions.

Compliance Assistance

We provide security along with the compliance service, which is designed to protect the cloud data. We also provide guidance for addressing the regulatory compliance needs for your cloud applications while making your systems more protected and less prone to the attacks.  Our efforts also focus on managing the risk of interruptions.

Other Advantages:

Our comprehensive cloud security management service with compliance frameworks, capabilities and tools can easily operate on your cloud and provide you lots of benefits such as:

  • Improved Data Security & Privacy
  • Adherence to Compliance Regulations
  • Minimized Governance Risk & Costs
  • Augmented Customer Trust
  • Enhanced Application Security Assurance Management
  • Proactive Identification of Lifecycle Management for Cloud Applications
  • Robust Security Monitoring & Management of the Cloud Infrastructure

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