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Over the years, the changes in the world of technology have changed the way enterprises are expecting from IT. They are asked to help the organization in becoming more service oriented and capable.

Infrastructure Management: Infrastructure management is one of the essential elements for service enterprises and comprises of system management, network management and storage management. Even though it is very essential for the organization some businesses are unable to keep up with the latest IT requirements. This is where we come into picture. We provide simple and dynamic remote management services to manage the broad range of cloud infrastructure. We constantly keep on evolving our service offerings according to the latest trends in infrastructure. The benefits of having Micra Clouds Infrastructure Management Services are as follows:
  • Integrated Service Management
  • Low Operational Risks
  • High Performance Rates
  • Customer Centric Services
  • Constant Performance Monitoring and resolution of Issues
Database Management: Data is an integral part of any business and everyday there are volumes of data that is flowing in the system. This can lead in difficulty in handling, managing and storing the data for the organization. Micra Clouds can help you in overcoming your database worries. We provide numerous database management services that can help you to reduce the intricacies of managing critical databases. Our team of database administrators can help you to improve your database operations with the help of their technical and procedure expertise. They are proficient in Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase, MySQL and DB2 Database technologies. The benefits of having Micra Clouds Database Management Services are as follows:
  • Detailed Analysis
  • Metrics Based Approach
  • Project Based Approach
  • Proactive Problem Management
Application Management: Applications serve as a bridge between IT infrastructure and business procedures. But since there have been multiple changes in the IT landscapes, the cost to maintain it has also climbed. We at MicraClouds understand that management and deliverance of application is becoming more complex and costly. Hence, we strive to offer reliable and cost effective application management services. Our team comprises of highly skilled professionals who are experts in testing, packing and development of the application. We offer services with the pricing models that suit your business requirements. The benefits of having Micra Clouds Application Management Services are as follows:
  • Valuable IT Services
  • Increased Visibility
  • Services with Proactive Approach
  • Cost-Effective
Security:  It is really important to build or identify a right strategy that strengthens your cloud system against threats and malware. We understand that for all the cloud hosting service providers, security access is a fundamental part of the solution. Therefore, we offer a robust a robust security management as a service, which helps business with cloud compliance management along with the security advice based on the industry’s best practice. We provide a managed security platform that not only accelerates and simplified threat detection but also provides incident response and compliance management for your on-premise clouds. The benefits of having Micra Clouds Security Services are as follows:
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Compliance Assistance
  • Detection of Threats
  • Improved Data Security & Privacy
  • Proactive Identification of Lifecycle Management for Cloud Applications
  • Enhanced Application Security Assurance Management


Cost Optimization: Enterprises mostly waste 30-45 percent of their cloud spend due to their inability to identify waste, Uncover unused or underused resources. We help you to maximize your server’s performance by helping you to take full advantage of your IT investments. We provide all our services at half the market rate and aim to provide a peaceful experience to our customers with a satisfaction that their server management is in good hands.

Backup & Storage: Our cloud experts are available around the clock to offer you complacent solutions. You can reach us using various modes of communications, i.e. Call support, Email support, or Chat support. We strive to achieve device efficiency and minimize any disruption by performing constant backup and storage of your data.

Up- Time Guarantee: We assure our clients with 99.97% of uptime without any hiccups along with providing excellent service. Backed with multi-redundant data centers and world-class technology, we ensure 100% network uptime for your websites and guaranteed CPU performance.


(Our speciality – provide managed services at half the market price)
A highly enthusiastic, devoted and proficient team of tech-geeks to offer

Managed cloud services

24/7 support (365 Days)

Secure environment

Pro Active Monitoring

L1, L2, L3 support

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We thank MICRA for providing us a fast-paced and reliable service. Their effort has stabilized our application’s health and performance. We are moving it into production as well. We really appreciate their devotion and skills they have put into our all apps and look forward to our continued partnership.

We are impressed with the quality service they deliver. The company’s built-in solutions with reliable management approach completely matched with our requirements. These guys professionally provided us the shape we dreamed and, it was really exceptional.

We are satisfied with their work. They just handled our all infrastructure and database and maintained it with perfection. They are reliable and we highly recommend them to anyone who is searching for cloud management services. These guys are really a dream team.


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